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We’ve created an exciting, three hour sensory and wellbeing experience that brings the beautiful, relaxing benefits of the outdoors into your home.

Simply drift off and let your mind embark on a journey of total relaxation to another stunning space with an indulgent, bespoke experience.

Uplifting, rejuvenating and perfect to share, groups of friends really enjoy our experiences together. We recommend you enjoy this with up to three friends or family members, all in the comfort of your own home. Some of it is interactive which is best shared in fun groups before making the most of your chosen, immersive experience.

Your experience

Your experience starts as we discover which sensory nature lead experience you would like to embark upon by each guest completing a ‘Perfect Treatment for You’ form. This information allows us to then individually hand pick and pack your bespoke ‘Experience Box’ which will arrive at the hosts address in preparation for the event, each one is individually hand-picked and wrapped with a sumptuous robe and luxurious slippers tucked inside, ready to wear during your experience, bespoke collection of products, natural elements, and gifts.

When the day arrives, two highly trained Anada therapists will arrive at the host’s home to begin your 3 hour experience. Begin your experience together as a group with wellness rituals and relaxation, this will be followed by your one to one 45-minute treatment enjoyed away from the group, includes body massage, natural elements and oils to create a unique sensory experience.

Choose from one of four wellbeing sensory treatment escapes designed solely for you to indulge in your own journey of relaxation, restoration, and quietude. Each treatment has been created around the natural environments of outdoors and harnesses the benefits of Forest, River, Beach, or Meadow, through the luxury of a Spa treatment

This stunning experience is £150 per person, for a minimum 4 people, and also gives you exclusive Club Anada membership.
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Choose your Anada experience

We’ve designed four amazing body experiences to choose from. Each one creates a sanctuary of relaxation in a unique way. Appealing to all your senses they transport your mind to somewhere entirely different. The elements are our inspiration. Which part of nature do you want to visit? Read on to find out more...

Escape to your own heavenly place with our tranquil Forest experience. Indulge in bare feet and calm contemplation. Let your mind melt away with the harmonies of gentle birds and whispering trees, while essential oils create authentic earthy fragrances. Your personalised treatment enhances this gorgeous adventure and gently transports you to lush, green restorative woodlands teeming with hidden life and energy.

Let the eb and flow of the tides wash over you with our delicately restorative Beach experience. A pure hug from nature brings you wonderful holiday aromas, carefree days and hypnotic sounds of the calming ocean blended with salty air fragrances. It’s individual and tailored to you, harnesses the benefits of the warm sweet spot where we all feel at peace, relaxing on a beautiful sun kissed shore.

Allow the delightful sounds of a babbling brook to carry your mind away from the everyday, with our rejuvenating River experience. Imagine dipping a toe into the crystal fresh water, hydrating your soul and cleansing your spirit. Fresh natural aromas fill the air while the gentle flow of the water touches your senses. This personalised journey will breathe life, clarity and oxygen into you from head to toe.

Escape amongst the tones of lazy buzzing bees, sun soaked flowers and singing birds. Your unique Meadow journey will take you to an idyllic field of beautiful wild fragrant grasses, heady floral aromas and countryside harmonies. Feel the warmth running through your veins, daydream and enjoy the sheer peace of the sleepy countryside experience, while the pressure lifts and restores your soul.

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